• Safe Schools Alerts

    Safe Schools Alerts

    ALICAP is excited to offer this new, FREE benefit to their members! The Safe Schools Tip Reporting System is a simple and effective method for reporting, addressing, and resolving a wide array of safety concerns; including bullying and threats of violence. Click below for more details and how to get Safe Schools Tip Reporting System implemented in your district!

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  • Are You An ALICAP Member?

    Are You An ALICAP Member?

    Currently there are over 160 public school districts/ESUs partnering as members and owners of ALICAP.  Click “Learn More” below to view the current list of ALICAP members. 

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    An Insurance Pool for Nebraska Schools. ALICAP was formed and endorsed by the NASB (Nebraska Association of School Boards) in September of 1990. During that first year, ALICAP consisted of 32 member districts/ESU’s, as the program provided Workers’ Compensation coverage only.

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  • Your Insurance Documents

    Your Insurance Documents

    ALICAP Members, login to view your:
    - Auto ID card
    - Coverage memorandums
    - Treasurers bond certificates
    - Quarterly claims reports
    . . . and more!

    If you don't know your username or password, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Dividend Announcement

The ALICAP Board of Trustees has an exciting announcement!  The board voted to declare a $2.75 Million dividend to the ALICAP membership for the 21-22 year!  This is the largest dividend returned in the history of ALICAP.  All ALICAP members can anticipate seeing their district’s/ESU’s dividend listed on their 21-22 year’s billing statement.  All billing statements are mailed the first of August, and payment is due back by September 30th

Congrats to all of ALICAP’s member owners! 

  • Falls City Public Schools

    Falls City Public Schools

    “From insurance coverage to customer service to the SafeSchools online safety training for our employees. It's nearly impossible to recommend anything but ALICAP.”

    Tim Heckenlively
    Superintendent at Falls City Public Schools

  • Ralston Public Schools

    Ralston Public Schools

    “The Ralston Public Schools greatly values the prompt and courteous work from the adjustors at ALICAP.  Unfortunately we have had to file a few auto claims in the last few months and each time the staff at ALICAP has been prompt, courteous and understanding.  ALICAP has exceeded our expectations at every turn.”

    Jason Buckingham
    Administrator at Ralston Public Schools

  • Arlington Public Schools

    Arlington Public Schools

    “ALICAP provides quality service and coverage at a competitive price.  More importantly, they are intentional about offering programs and practices that evidence their commitment to ‘investing in the client’.  Promoting a safe work environment and providing the tools to assist school districts in making that a reality is just one example of their investment in the client.  ALICAP scope of services, claims handling, responsiveness to questions, and quality of staff are the reasons we are a continuing client.”

    Lynn Johnson
    Superintendent at Arlington Public Schools

  • Norris School District 160

    Norris School District 160

    “Whether it's been a water damaged classroom, a wind-sheared soccer goal, or a gym floor fiasco, ALICAP has been there for us. In catastrophic claims like bus accidents and natural disasters or small situations like those described, you're covered with ALICAP. It's been a huge reassurance to our district, our Board and leadership team. ALICAP offers instrumental assistance to districts in maintaining strong operations to serve students.”

    John Skretta
    Superintendent of Norris School District 160